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Customer Story

"We have hundreds of artists who have seamlessly integrated into a new way of uploading their files to us and our editors are thrilled to be downloading from one central location.“

Rebekah Chavez Wynne,
Creative Director
Once Like a Spark Photography, LLC

Easy RAW uploads

Associate photographers upload RAW files via a secure upload link, which gets emailed to them on the day of the wedding. It takes them to a simple drag and drop page.

No software to install

One upload link takes care of everything. Everything happens in the browser, so no need to fiddle with software installs.

Instant Notifications

Get notified when an upload completes. 1 click takes you to a page where you can review the uploaded RAW files without downloading them.

No credentials needed

Shooters can upload their RAW photos and videos without an account. This simplifies the onboarding of freelance talent and reduces licensing costs.

Monitor uploads in real-time

The upload dashboard shows you who is uploading what at any given moment.

Automated Reminders

Hive5 detects missing files and send out reminders to photographers. No need to email back and forward checking file numbers.

Everything in one place

Hive5 replaces tools like Dropbox, WeTransfer, FPT and Pixieset with an all-in-one solution built for remote teams.

RAW Uploads

Multiple photographers upload raw files to permissioned folders within your agency account.

Editor Access

Editors get notified as soon as projects are ready to work on.

Full Video Support

RAW photos and videos are processed and instantly viewable via the browser.

Integrated Archive

One click archiving feature leverages low-cost storage at just $2.50 / Tb / mo

Your tools and your team, in one seamless workflow

Grow your business by automating chores like passing files and checking in on project status.

Upgrade your team

See how Hive5 saves you time and helps your team deliver more projects, faster.

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