Re-inventing RAW media transfers for photography studios.

No login needed, just a browser. Your photographers receive a secure upload link to a drag-and-drop page. Files go straight to the project and are ready for your editors.

For your studio

Link-based upload requests

Stop juggling FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and 10s of other sources. One link to upload them all.

Easy handoff

No need to nag photographers and chase up missing files. Hive5 handles everything and then delivers to your editors.

Optimized costs

Storage changes in step with your workflow. High speed, hot storage for editing and low-cost cold storage for archiving.

Missing file detection

File counts and content are checked to avoid surprises during editing.


“Hive5 has simplified our workload tremendously. I’m happy, my bank manager is happy and my five dogs are happy as they get more of my time to walk them on the beach.”
Owner Manager - Cream Wedding Photography Ltd, UK

For your artists

Automated reminders

Artists get friendly email reminders if they don't complete their upload on time.

Perfect for freelancers

No account or software needed, just a web browser.


Spotty connection? Hive5 seamlessly resumes uploads with no data-loss.


“This was amazing!!! I'm thrilled! Finally I can get images to you without hassle and difficulty. Hope it works well on your end. Did great on my side!”
Erin Dobosiewicz, Associate Wedding Photographer

Looks good on you

A great upload experience shows you care about your artists.

Passing files around is the worst.

We fixed it. No more endless download/upload between photographers, editors and you. Automate the flow of media and see how you close projects faster.

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Customer Story - Wedding Photography

"We have hundreds of artists who have seamlessly integrated into a new way of uploading their files to us and our editors are thrilled to be downloading from one central location.“

Rebekah Chavez Wynne,
Creative Director
Once Like a Spark Photography, LLC

Your tools and your team, in one seamless workflow

Grow your business by automating chores like passing files and checking in on project status.


Talent Manager

A CRM built for event photography scale-ups.


“Automations and integrations into our existing systems have cut labor costs and stress across many of our departments. I can confidently say that working with Hive5 has been an incredible move for our Once Like A Spark.”

Rebekah Chavez Wynne,
Creative Director
Once Like a Spark Photography LLC


Culling Copilot AI

Reduce editing costs by culling 5x faster using just a browser.

Upload invitations

Automatically request material on the day of the event.

Integrate your stack

Save precious time by connecting different tools with Hive5.

Freelancers can be cleared for payment as soon as they upload.

Upgrade your team

See how Hive5 saves you time and helps your team deliver more projects, faster.

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Custom plans based on storage and volume needs


Perfect for local teams with few associates and one or two editors.

Super-fast storage and unlimited bandwidth

Easy, browser-based upload links

Editor login and desktop downloader app

Event calendar

Manual Workflow Tools

Starts from
$50 / month


Used by studios to manage 10+ artists covering events and post-production.

Automated reminders

Integrated file checks

Artist payment management

Human support for you and your team.

Low-cost archiving space at $2.50 / Tb

Custom plans and quotas


For managing large talent pools providing national coverage

100% automated workflow

CRM Integration

Custom process automation

Unlimited shooters and projects

Reporting and BI tools

Talk to us!



Secure long-term backup  of large full-resolution files like RAW photos and video.

Optimized for durability

Instant Previews

Supports RAW formats

Unlimited file sizes

Amazon infrastructure

$2 / Tb

Per month paid yearly

Active Space


Shared workspace for remote collaboration with editors and clients

Optimised for speed

Easy sharing

Adobe Lightroom Plugin

Fast Upload & Download

Amazon infrastructure

$5 / 100Gb

Per month paid yearly

User Seat


Collaboration and productivity for permanent members of your team.

Unlimited Galleries

Remote Culling

Print Ordering

Project boards

Client workflow

$8 / User

Per month paid yearly