Being a working
Photographer just got easier

Drastically reduce post-production time by easily uploading to 10+ stock websites with Stock Studio, the all-in-one stock contributor tool.


Upload, backup and manage your entire portfolio in one easy app

Hive5 cloud storage is designed specifically for photographers and video creators. Catalogue, store and manage all your  assets in one secure, convenient place.

Upload assets into projects (shoots).  Colour-code and tag assets  to group them and make them easy to find within the project. Add keywords to make your assets instantly searchable from anywhere in the app.

Switch between grid and list views to easily view and navigate your projects depending on your current workflow.

Instantly increase your storage as you go based on the size of your portfolio – no matter how fast or big you grow

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Speed up distribution with client galleries and fast server-to-server FTP uploads

Your assets already live in the cloud so distributing them is easy and quick. Whether you want to show a client selected preview images, deliver originals or upload work to a stock agency it just takes a click and a few seconds and you're done.

Once you are ready to show your work to clients you can create a password-protected client gallery at a custom URL. You control if they see full-resolution content or just a preview. Clients can then comment and leave feedback or star the images they like and want to purchase. Once you sort out payment simply allow full resolution access for the purchased content. Wether you collect payment in cash, card or invoice is up to you!

If distributing via FTP you can create batches of assets and specify the desired upload destination. Files are uploaded directly from Hive5’s servers, speeding up the upload process and reducing the chance of error. Once done each asset is marked as uploaded. This preserves the distribution history of each and every piece of work. FTP uploads are the preferred distribution method for our industrial photographers and stock contributors.

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Communicate, comment and track changes for faster workflow and better teamwork

Enable clear collaboration between teammates, photographers, retouchers and clients with real-time conversations, clear feedback and easy-to-follow progress tracking.

Attach notes and hold conversations in the sidebar alongside your asset preview.

Each asset features a version history and an accurate audit trail to track progress and review changes. You can see who made which change and when.

Secure your assets with role-based access controls. Keyworders for example get read-only access to asset previews. They can't download originals and they cant make changes to your content. Combine two or more roles to fine tune permissions for each member of your team.

Enhance workflow management by setting milestones and checking them off once completed – for example (e.g. retouching completed)

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Stay organised and boost productivity with our highly optimised keyword tool

Speed up the time it takes to prepare assets for stock submission and make your assets instantly findable by buyers but also by you!

How much time do you waste each month trawling through hundreds of images trying to find that one photo or video? Keywords are super-useful for stock contributors and commission photographers alike.

We optimised the keywording process by allowing individual keywords to be assigned to multiple selected assets.

Intelligently merge keywords across multiple entries so that each asset has its own unique metadata to describe it

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Efficiently manage and assign model and property releases for hassle-free compliance

Cover your legal bases by ensuring you have all the required legal releases handled for your assets, without having to manually chase paperwork or signatures.

Manage, track and store all model and property releases in one place using the Release Manager

Distribute model and property releases for your projects directly from within Hive5.

Quickly identify models and properties in your content, then assign signed legal releases to make it clear that you have permission to use their likeness

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Make better, data-driven decisions with insightful Business Intelligence

Finally get a complete picture of asset performance, profitability and production ROI with complete, cross-channel analytics and comprehensive push-button reports.

Pinpoint which stock sites make you the most money with aggregated, cross-channel data that does away with manual reporting altogether

Track asset performance across all agencies with ‘Top Performing Assets Reports’ that accurately show you what’s selling and what isn’t

Get your content found and purchased more often by using ‘Sales Trends’ to identify the best time of day to submit assets for maximum exposure

Run ‘ROI Reports’ on Projects to find out which production investments pay off and to make photoshoots more profitable

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