Power to creatives!

We are a team of photographers and tech entrepreneurs on a mission to rescue creatives from boring, routine IT tasks so they can spend more time being creative.

Aleksej Vasic
Industry Leader

Aleksej is the co-founder and General Manager of Lumina Images stock photography studio that has more than one million licences worldwide. With 10+ years in the industry, he knows its challenges and complexities as well as anyone.

Vladimir Cvejanovic

Vladimir is an experienced tech expert and social impact entrepreneur with experience in delivering software products to millions of users world-wide. In a previous life Vladimir studied photography and is often seen attending local exhibitions.

Marko Radenkovic

Marko is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Nova Iskra Creative Hub, which initiates connections between creative industries, technology and people across 3 locations and a 300-strong community.

Supporting stock contributors everywhere with the tools they need to simplify their daily workflow and continuously grow

Photographers and video creators spend 80% of their time on post-production and just 20%  shooting – we want to change that.

Imagining a better way to create beautiful content

Our team are industry insiders. We have over 30 years of experience in creative industries. Long enough to know that staying competitive in todays information age demands a better way to create, manage and distribute creative work. 

We talked to photographers, videographers and studio founders the world over. They helped us design the features and tools that are now part of Hive5, an all-in-one solution that optimises your daily workflow for creativity.

Transform the way you create content

Hive5 is the all-in-one tool photographers have been crying out for. Here's what they have to say…

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''As a stock photographer, I'm impressed by the fact that I can finally use only ONE tool for everything related to my job. It's a really unique software, which combines tools for collaboration, project management, organization, agency uploading, analytics, keywording - whatever you need to keep track of your stock business.''

Bernard Bodo / stock photographer

''What I love about Hive5 is the fact that now I can collaborate with multiple photographers from the same place, while never losing sight of what else needs to be completed. And adding keywords to multiple images has never been easier!''

Andjela Mitrovic / portfolio manager